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ProTenn Team Shows Resilience Amidst Community Setbacks

NASHVILLE, TN March 26th, 2020 - To say that the Music City has had a rough start in 2020 would be quite an understatement. Tornados, viruses and related challenges have all taken their tolls in some form on all members of the Nashville community. Families have lost houses, schools have lost students and the economy has seen better days. Despite these temporary setbacks, some have found positivity in perseverance and rewards as a result of their resilience. As hundreds of people have been laid off and certain industries have had to close their doors altogether, we would like to highlight those that have found a way to fight through these challenges and remain an active part of the Tennessee economy and workforce.

After transitioning to their new office in East Nashville at the end of January, ProTenn, one of Nashville’s most progressive consulting firms, has had to adapt to overcome the recent adversity that their community has been faced with. Although some of the company’s employees were directly affected by the tornado that swept through East Nashville in early March, ProTenn still managed to implement a clothing drive in support of those that lost their homes. This idea was presented by one of the firm’s newly promoted account managers, David Nikiza. Nikiza has been with the company for just shy of three months and plainly told us that “I’m a part of ProTenn, and ProTenn is a part of Nashville. Therefore, if I want to take care of my company I need to take care of its community. I’m happy to help those that support the business I work for.” Nikiza is still collecting clothes for this cause, yet has already hinted at his next charity. For an employee who hasn’t been in the ProTenn mix for that long he seems to be showing outstanding dedication to the community he is a part of. Keep it up David!

Following the natural occurrences in early March, the world as an entirety is now in the midst of the coronavirus battle to maintain the health and safety of its population. Many industries have had to suddenly close their doors, people have lost their jobs and the American economy has seen better days. After analyzing how companies have handled this worldwide outbreak, it was interesting to hear how firms like ProTenn have adapted to these trying times. “We’re doing the best we can to protect our stability as a company and the peace of mind of our employees. We have shifted our recruiting to be 100% virtual, and are using technology to conduct meetings from home. We have always been a face to face company, but we have to do what it takes to stay afloat and keep our employees in good hands while our world overcomes this struggle. We have high hopes for the future and greatly appreciate the flexibility of our employees in instances where we have had to adapt quickly to find solutions for problems we haven’t encountered in the past” said Andrew Barger, Director of Operations at ProTenn.

March of 2020 has truly been one of a kind, but in the midst of the negatives it is promising to hear of the positives that companies like ProTenn have seemed to find. This company has obviously brought hope to its employees, and a light in the midst of the darkness Nashville has seen in its past month. We look forward to the future positives this firm can show its employees and the Music City community and we know 2020 has an optimistic turnaround in the near future!

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