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Nashville, TN May 2020

Prior to Covid-19, Music City was in full swing. Most of us remember live music on Broadway, steady traffic on the way to work, crowds in the streets after a Predators home game, and the buzz that Nashville had around the clock. Businesses were starting, growing, and setting new goals as 2020 was set to be a year of progress. Although the introduction of the coronavirus wreaked havoc on many businesses both new and old, there seems to be some hope finding its way into the daily life of Nashville locals.

ProTenn, a local marketing firm- which was at the height of its existence prior to the virus, was one of the first companies to show resilience during these tough times. The conversations between the management team and the employees were full of uncertainty when diving headfirst into the pandemic. “We didn’t know where we would fall as employees or as a company, so we just held on tight and crossed our fingers”, said Dan Kohler, an Account Manager at the firm. This was the feeling that most employees had in every industry as new regulations and restrictions seemed to be announced daily.

Luckily, ProTenn was actually deemed as essential and quickly found ways to pivot to keep their team in action. The management team immediately shifted to virtual operations, onboarding people from around the country via applications like Zoom and Google Meet. “We had to find a way to keep our employees active and our clients in business”, said Andrew Barger, Director of Operations at ProTenn. This company surprisingly saw growth despite the effects of Covid-19, which they added they were incredibly thankful for. David Houser, another manager at the firm, added that he and his core group of trainers have hired, trained, and developed new employees who are eager to hit the ground running when this is all over. ProTenn hopes to give hope to other small businesses in the Nashville area by showing that they have found a way to come together and find solutions in the midst of such global turmoil.

Today, it seems that ProTenn and other Music City businesses are preparing for the re-launch of the societal norms that everyone clearly misses being a part of. “I can’t wait to be able to shake a hand again”, said Vito Perna, who is currently qualifying for a management promotion.

The team at ProTenn is motivated and excited to see Nashville get back to being the booming city it always has been. The street fairs, live music, restaurant dine-in, and being able to sit front row at a Titans game are all things that everyone has developed a new appreciation for. We are excited to see what ProTenn, the Nashville community, and our nation does as we climb our way back into the reality, we all miss!

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