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ProTenn Donates to Local Food Bank

Nashville, TN - April 7, 2019 With temperatures rising and a new season in bloom, the ProTenn team was eager to get involved in the local community. Andrew Barger, CEO at ProTenn in Nashville, TN, carefully researched local organizations for charities his entire office could feel included in, whether that be through volunteer work or collecting goods for a charitable donation. Barger found exactly what he was searching for in Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

Although ProTenn is newer to the Nashville area, Barger isno stranger to philanthropy engagement, which is why he has been anxious to discover different organizations inmiddle Tennessee to work with. While Barger hasparticipated in many charitable events in the southeast, he was not the only one eager to begin the philanthropic efforts in a new city. The entire ProTenn team was eager to start digging in!

“As a new resident to the Nashville area, I want to find ways to connect with the local community as much as possible, which is why I chose to work with Second Harvest Food Bank. Second Harvest is one of the largest and most involved organizations in the Nashville area so I couldn’t think of a better way to connect my business to our surrounding community. Food drives are always a great way to get the team involved in charitable giving and we plan to be involved in the Nashville community as much as possible in the future. Our team is excited, I’m excited, and if we can help Nashville grow while developing our own team culture in the meantime, it’s a win-win.” -- Andrew Barger, CEO at ProTenn

Food Drive

Since being founded in 1978, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee (SHFB) has combined its efforts with the generosity of the surrounding community to feed the hungry and alleviate the hunger problem in Middle and West Tennessee. Serving 46 counties, SHFB exists to collect and inspect food that would otherwise go to waste then distribute the goods to local soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters. Through creating a centralized distribution center in Tennessee, SHFB was able to collect and distribute 160,000 pounds of food to 75 member agencies during their first year of operations and has become one of the largest food distribution centers in the U.S.

Over 1 million people are at risk of hunger each day in the state of Tennessee but with help from generous local citizens, the SHFB is feverishly working to reduce that number. As a business owner, Barger has provided career opportunities to his employees, premium marketing services to his company’s clients, and now he and his team are humbled to be able to provide hope to local people in need. There are many ways for groups as well as individuals to contribute to SHFB’s mission and this food donation is just the tip of the iceberg for ProTenn and their philanthropy in the Music City.

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