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ProTenn Leader Takes On New Role

Nashville, TN - May 21, 2019 As ProTenn grows its marketing team in Nashville, TN, some of the team members have taken the extra steps and put forth the work to set themselves apart. ProTenn CEO, Andrew Barger, has taken notice, which is why he made the recent decision to promote, Client Representative, Taylor Pace, to an Account Manager position. The new role will bring on more responsibilities as well as require more accountability but Pace and Barger both look forward to what’s in store for Pace as he transitions into a new leader.

Like many others, Taylor Pace, moved to Music City in search of new scenery and a new opportunity. Little did the North Carolina native know, his new opportunity would land in his lap after attending a job interview with ProTenn. The Nashville based marketing and sales company is filled with motivated, energetic, young professionals and was exactly the change Pace wanted. Aside from receiving top-notch training and mentoring, Pace was driven by the healthy competition amongst the ProTenn team and wasted no time setting careers goals for himself. This drive is what got Pace where he is today in his new role as Account Manager at ProTenn.

“Honestly, it feels fantastic to have reached the Account Manager milestone! With that said, while I am thrilled about my accomplishments and new role within ProTenn, my true joy comes from the exciting journey that lies ahead, not in celebrating past victories.” -- Taylor Pace, Account Manager at ProTenn

ProTenn CEO, Andrew Barger, could not have been happier to guide Pace as he has worked towards his recent promotion. With that in mind it is also easy to understand how any employer would be pleased by someone who exudes the qualities that Pace has. When asked to speak specifically on Pace, Barger did not withhold compliments.

“Taylor is walking proof of how a student mentality and hard work can get someone to exceed expectations on a daily basis. I’m very proud of his progress thus far and excited for what’s to come!” -- Andrew Barger, CEO at ProTenn

Not only is Barger proud of the strides Pace has made and the direction he is headed, but he is also excited to watch the rest of his staff follow suit. Pace’s promotion has sparked a new level of motivation in the other ProTenn employees and seeing that, as a business owner, makes Barger even more passionate about what he does each day for his team. While ProTenn’s purpose is to consistently provide its clients with premium results through its new-age marketing campaigns, the CEO and management team work to develop the next generation of top-performing businessmen and women in the marketing and sales industry. Pace’s promotion to Account Manager is just the beginning of his career as well as a glimpse into the bright future that lies ahead for ProTenn.

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