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ProTenn Credits Good Culture For a Rise In Business

June 21, 2019 - Nashville, TN As the population of Nashville continues to grow, so does its economy. ProTenn, a local marketing firm in East Nashville, has already seen rapid growth in the third quarter. When interviewed on why this sudden uptick in business has come about, ProTenn Director, Andrew Barger, credited the company culture. “The business is up and running faster than ever. Every new face in the room ads more culture, more opportunity, and new ideas to an already thriving environment,” stated Barger. During the interview, the topic was further dissected to find out the specifics of how the culture at ProTenn directly relates to the growth of their business model.

Primarily, the target culture for ProTenn is based on some foundational characteristics that all of its employees must share. When asked to share his opinion on the culture, ProTenn’s top Account Manager, David Houser, said, very simply, “Everyone I choose to work with must be positive, energetic and a big picture thinker.” Houser was a collegiate baseball player for the University of Tennessee and uses his ambitious personality to motivate those around him. Barger added, “It’s a balance of a fast-paced team environment aimed at achieving common goals while maintaining professionalism and organization even in the midst of an aggressive growth period in the company.” ProTenn doesn’t seem to have an issue biting off more than it can chew because they know their team will perform better with positive pressure.

The question becomes, how can you consistently maintain this culture when pressure rises? Some of ProTenn’s newest employees, as well as some seasoned ones, chimed in when asked for their thoughts on how this culture is built and maintained through the day to day ups and downs. Emily Copeland, a newly promoted Account Manager at the firm, said that team nights, charity events and travel opportunities intrigued her in the interview process, and since then have been an integral part of her experience at ProTenn. “I look forward to getting to know my team members outside of work and planning a charity event each month, it makes me want to go to work in the morning,” said Copeland. Culture seems to be of top priority for the ProTenn team and translates directly into their success as a business.

“I don’t strive to have the best business, I strive to create the best culture. The best business is simply a byproduct of the best people,” said Barger, when asked why culture is such a focus for him. It’s clear that ProTenn’s culture comes first, and the satisfaction of their clients goes without question because of the ambitious people that they hire. It will be exciting to see how this company continues to develop its culture in a city like Nashville which has so much to offer the millennial entrepreneur. Best of luck to the ProTenn team!

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