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Nashville, TN- September 11, 2019 We have all heard the news about hurricane Dorian and the terrible destruction of the storm all over the southeastern United States coastline. It first began on August 24th and has continued since into the Labor Day weekend. Many families were affected when the hurricane moved over the Bahamas, and many of those families did not have the means or resources to evacuate. However, as the storm keeps moving north, more and more people are rendered helpless as Dorian destroys homes causing Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to declare a state of emergency- ordering immediate evacuation. 

Tennessee is known as the volunteer state, and a local Nashville company, ProTenn, truly values the importance of giving back to the community. ProTenn is a marketing company here in the heart of Music City, and they work with Fortune 100 companies to build on their brands. Even in the mist of a busy fourth quarter, ProTenn did not forget to step in to help with Dorian’s relief efforts. Tennessee is known for helping out it’s neighbor’s in distress and in the case of the Dorian hurricane, neighbors in need are 900miles away.

ProTenn’s head administrator, Nicole Le, wanted to lend a hand. Le said, “Our team at ProTenn know that when tragedy strikes like this, anything helps. I reached out to one of our local colleges, Middle Tennessee State University, who has a program called the Raider Relief program which is currently set up to help families in the Bahamas whom have suffered because of Dorian.”

 MTSU has students who are from Freeport and Abaco, the primary islands that sustained the most damages. MTSU is setting up a list of basic needs items that these families will require as well as collecting donations to send to these families. ProTenn is preparing care packages of its own and will promptly deliver them to the Raider Relief program so that these families do not have to suffer much longer. 

The Director of Operations at ProTenn, Andrew Barger, commented that “Raider Relief is one of the most urgent charities that we’ve ever worked with. It’s not always convenient to donate, but that’s okay. Sometimes you have to step up to help when it’s inconvenient, and that usually matters more than when it is easy to give back.” As a city, Nashville is obviously thankful and excited that such a young firm has taken such immediate action to help those around them and even in other parts of the country. Every month since their initial incorporation, ProTenn has found a way to become more active with the community and to strengthen its ties with the music city. The community is not only thankful for the actions that have been taken by this company, but excited to see what larger steps will be taken moving into the fourth quarter of 2019. 

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